the packmates of VAC.


Sir Pounder : co-founder

Sir Pounder is the IPTC International Trainer 2016 and NW Handler 2016. Pounder has been a part of the Kink/BDSM community his entire adult life and identifies as a Dog, who happens to be a Sir, Trainer, and Alpha. His pupsona/fursona is a Giant Malamute that loves Chocolate Chip Cookies. Pounder is a 2017 Pantheon of Leather Award recipient for the Northern California/Northwest Region and a member of Mama’s Leather Family.


Sir Roscoe : co-founder

Sir Roscoe has been into human pup roleplay since his early years of being a collared pup. He is now a Sir, Handler and an Alpha Dog. His fursona/dogsona is a Siberian Husky with an impeccable curl.


Incus : Grande Dame

Incus is the 2016 IPC International Puppy. She identifies as a service dog, and has been involved in human/animal roleplay since the late 90's. She is a furry, a dog, and a leatherwoman.


Bullpup Boreas

Boreas became involved in pup play through his involvement with furry, finding the connection between the communities to be a natural one. His fursona and dogsona don't stray far from their human origins, both being "gentle giant" types with a service animal bent. Bullpup Boreas is a slow-moving Saint Bernard who likes to care for those around him. He's more likely to be found napping by the fire than chasing squirrels... unless the squirrels have donuts.