VAC Pack

VAC Pack


What is VAC pack?

Viam Alpha Canis: The Way of the Alpha Dog

VAC Pack exists for the purpose of providing education and leadership to remove stigmas, to find commonalities, and to bridge the gaps between the communities that we love - be they pup, leather, furry, or kink.

Pack Motto: "Not Like You"

“Not like you” is not an exclusionary statement! We promote inclusion by amplifying the unique qualities that each of us possesses. We are not like you, and you are not like us - or anyone else. VAC Pack believes in the value of individuality, and we strive to break the mold in everything we do. Our foundation is built on leadership, and using our unique talents and perspectives to make our communities stronger and more vibrant. Life imposes many molds and expectations... and we believe it's important to break those molds to focus on becoming the best versions of ourselves.